Survey: Share your input on 2014 community themes!

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Thank you to the 86 people who filled out this survey!

Community members were asked to select a value that represented how much each theme was relevant to their work. By understanding how relevant these themes are, we would be able to identify conversation topics that will be of interest to our community in 2014. We added up the values assigned to each theme (2 = very relevant, 1 = somewhat relevant, and 0 = not relevent) and then calculated the average. Here are the results, in order of most popular:

  1. Mobilizing Allies 1.8
  2. Changing Minds 1.7
  3. Building Awareness 1.6
  4. Seeking Justice 1.5
  5. Reducing Fear 1.5
  6. Protecting Those at Risk 1.4
  7. Healing from Abuse 1.3
  8. Resisting and Disrupting Abuse 1.2
  9. Modeling Systems 1.1
  10. Remembering Abuses 1.1

For 2014, we will focus on the top 4 themes. With your help, we'll identify specific conversation topics that relate to each theme. So stay tuned for more surveys!

Thanks again for contributing to this effort. You input is crucial!


Kristin Antin, New Tactics Online Community Builder