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Catherine D'Ignazio
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Assistant Professor of Civic Media and Data Visualization
Emerson College/MIT
Catherine D'Ignazio is a scholar, artist/designer and software developer who focuses on data literacy and visualization for civic engagement and community empowerment. Her research at the intersection of technology, design & the humanities has been published in the Journal of Peer Production, the Journal of Community Informatics, and the proceedings of Human Factors in Computing Systems (ACM SIGCHI). Her art and design projects have won awards from the Tanne Foundation, Turbulence.org and the Knight Foundation and exhibited at the Venice Biennial and the ICA Boston. D'Ignazio is an Assistant Professor of Civic Media and Data Visualization at Emerson College, a principal investigator at the Engagement Lab and a research affiliate at the MIT Center for Civic Media. She holds an MFA from Maine College of Art, an MS from the MIT Media Lab and a BA (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Tufts University. Her work is online at www.kanarinka.com.