Leonor Hurtado

صورة Leonor Hurtado
Leonor Hurtado
Food First

I’m Guatemalan; I’ve been living in USA the last five years. I’m a senior advisor at Food First in Oakland California. The purpose of Food First to eliminate the injustices that causes hunger; transforming the food systems and building food sovereignty.

I have a deep commitment to social justice—a result of my lifelong experiences as an activist and as a follower of Mayan spirituality. I am passionate about indigenous rights and see Mayan knowledge and current resistance as an inspiration for our conscious needed transformation.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve worked extensively with local and international service organizations and social movements in Guatemala, specifically in areas of human rights, indigenous rights, community health, anti-mining, and cultural survival. Prior to this, I worked in Nicaragua throughout the 1980s in adult literacy, farmworker training, and in international solidarity and information campaigns.