Lisbeth Garly Andersen

صورة Lisbeth Garly Andersen
Lisbeth Garly Anderson
المسمى الوظيفي: 
Program manager
Danish Institute for Human Rights

Lisbeth Garly Andersen (social anthropologist 1999, University of Copenhagen) has worked as project manager at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) for the past six years. Prior to her employment with DIHR Lisbeth worked for UN’s refugee aid agency in Burma and Thailand, where she did a qualitative survey on the conditions for refugees returning to Burma. One of the focal points for Lisbeth’s international work at DIHR has been capacity building of partners in research and advocacy for law reform. Lisbeth has also taught NHRIs in reporting for treaty bodies including how to make a good shadow report. Lisbeth was furthermore one of the main organizers of the sixth international conference for National Human Rights Institutions which was held in Copenhagen and had discrimination as the main theme. Lisbeth is currently engaged in advocacy research. Since September 2007 she has conducted a qualitative survey on the conditions for rejected asylum seekers in Denmark. The methods used in the survey are semi-structured interviews with asylum seekers and interviews with key informants. About eighty interviews have been conducted in a period of about four months, mainly with asylum seekers. Furthermore the research includes an analysis of the legal framework and regulations in the area as well as an overview over international practice. The rationale behind the method is not only to analyze the legislation, but also to hear the voice of the asylum seekers and see how they perceive the different structures. For example, "how does it feel to be a part of Danish society during ten years, but officially be excluded from it?" Apart from a book on the subject, various seminars will be held and hopefully a meeting with the responsible Minister. Besides Danish and English Lisbeth speaks French, Spanish and German.