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Mark Hays
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Senior Campaigns Advisor
Global Witness

Mark Hays - Senior Campaigns Advisor, Global Witness

Mark Hays is Senior Campaigns Advisor for Global Witness, a non-profit campaigning organisation that seek to expose and break the links between natural resource exploitation, corruption and conflict. Mark works specifically on Global Witness’ campaign advocating for beneficial ownership transparency in the U.S. and around the world. 

For nearly 15 years, Mark has conducted advocacy, research and campaign development for a wide range of environmental and social change organizations, including Oxfam America, The Sierra Club, Public Citizen, Greenpeace, NAACP, and others. His work has helped these organizations develop bold and strategic campaign strategies to engage a wide variety of stakeholders  – including business – in transformative environmental and social change efforts.

Mark is also Board President of UPSTREAM, a U.S.-based environmental organization dedicated to creating a healthy, sustainable, and equitable society by addressing the root causes of waste and advocating for more sustainable products and packaging throughout the global economy.