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Nathan Freitas
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Open Ideals, Tibet Action Institute, The Guardian Project

Nathan Freitas has been writing code since he was eight and hasn’t stopped looking for problems to solve ever since. A lifelong mobile technology enthusiast, his work has included open-source software for DARPA-funded research projects, patents for popular consumer technology, award-winning digital art and groundbreaking technology for non-violent protest. He has applied his skills to a wide range of organizations, causes and efforts, including Students for a Free Tibet, the Ruckus Society, MobileActive, the Tor Project and the award-winning election monitoring system Vote Report. He has built and managed text messaging systems for mass mobilizations and grassroots campaigns, designed portable satellite-based video systems to broadcast protests from remote and perilous regions, and implemented secure communication systems to support activists and independent journalists around the world. In 2009, he won first prize at the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center Mobile Challenge. You can follow his blog at