صورة olivia
olivia dolores gimeno sassine
Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights

olivia is the Associate Director based in the Lebanon office for Heartland Alliance's Regional Protection Projects with vulnerable Iraqis and Iraqi refugees in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. The projects provide services for Iraqi refugee victims of human trafficking, survivors of SGBV, and refugees who experienced violence because of their sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as building capacity of service providers. The SGBV program includes a component to engage men through vocational training and support groups. Olivia has also worked more specifically with organizations on issues of gender and peacebuilding in Lebanon and Palestine, such as through developing and faciliting trainings or designing gender and conflict sensitive assessments, as well as with an evaluation and strategic planning process for a women's organization in Egypt. olivia holds a Masters degree in International Affairs from the School of Public and International Affairs at Columbia University, with a concentration on Economic and Political Development (focusing within this mostly on conflict resolution and peacebuilding, gender, and the Middle East) as well as a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern California.