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Radha Paudel
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Action Works Nepal

Ms. Radha Paudel, Founder/President of Action Works Nepal, a non-profit organization. She stands, spokes, smiles just for the marginalized, excluded people because she experienced herself discrimination, isolation, violated her rights and survivor of the war. She forwards the holistic approach for rural transformation through engaging all actors in active participation of individuals, private institutions, government and UN agencies through a widely accepted, indigenous practice ``Miteri Gau-Let’s Live Together’ just for creating culture of peace. She believes on ``the birthplace of an individual is NOT by choice, no one has right to discriminate but everyone obligate to contribute for humanity.’

She is writer of Khalangama Hamala (War memoir). She awarded by N-Peace Award 2012 (UNDP), Women Peace Maker 2012 (IPJ, USD, USA) and Social Worker 2013 (Nepal Government). She begins her career from Anesthetic Nurse and acquired Master in Education, Sociology from Tribhuvan University (Nepal) and Master in Development (Philippines).