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Roddy Brett
Northern Arizona University/FLACSO Guatemala

Ph.D., Politics (University of London); M.PHIL (Cantab.), Social Anthropology (University of Cambridge); M.PHIL (Res.), Cultural Studies (Kent University).

Assistant Professor, Latin American Politics, Northern Arizona University.

Professor, Social Sciences, Latin American Faculty for Social Science (FLACSO), Guatemala.

Former Advisor to the UN System Guatemala (United Nations Development Programme, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights) on human rights, indigenous peoples and citizenship.

Former Advisor in Indigenous Affairs to the Norwegian Embassy, Guatemala.

Professional career combines fifteen years of academic research/teaching in Political Science, in themes including democratisation, genocide studies, political violence, social movements, human rights and indigenous issues with work as a practitioner in Latin America in said themes.

Lived for seven years in Guatemala.

Research interests are focused on Latin America, particularly Guatemala and Colombia. Include the role of non-elite civil actors in democratisation, including their impact upon political and socio-cultural processes at the institutional level and within civil society during military and transitional regimes, and post-conflict administrations.

Ex-Coordinator of the Political Strategy for the legal cases for genocide brought against former members of Guatemala's Military High Command of the 1980s.

Ex-Deputy Director of the Carter Center Electoral Observation Mission to Guatemala (2003-2004).

Author of four major books and numerous articles, including most recently Indigenous Politics, Social Movements and Democratisation in Guatemala 1985-1996 (2008 Brill) and Democracia y Derechos Humans: Voz Ciudadana (2008, UNDP).