Vincenza Nazzari

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Vincenza Nazzari
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Director of Education

Vincenza Nazzari - Director of Education - Equitas-International Centre for Human Rights (Montreal, Canada)

I have been with Equitas for 17 years now and have been responsible for the planning and development of curriculum for all Equitas human rights education programs covering a wide range of human rights issues, including children’s rights, protection of young girls working in domestic servitude, violence against women, minority rights, and protection of migrant workers. I have also developed a deep knowledge of educational approaches with different learners and awareness of different experiences with human rights education around the Globe. In partnership with the OHCHR, we recently published Evaluating Human Rights Training Activities: A Handbook for Human Rights Educators.

I’ve participated in numerous international HRE expert conferences including: International Conference on Accountability and Evaluation in HRE and Training organized by the UNESCO Chair (Chile 2004); Global Strategic Planning Meeting on Teacher Training in HRE (New York 2005); Expert Group for the Project on Education Promoting Respect and Diversity of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) (Warsaw, 2007); Council of Europe Forum on Civic Partnerships for Citizenship and Human Rights Education (Strasbourg, 2008); Expert Group for the OSCE-ODIHR workshop – Moving Towards Human Rights Education Standards (Istanbul, 2010) Prior to joining Equitas in 1995, I worked for 19 years as an educator and curriculum designer with the Public Service of Canada.