صورة wsaqaf
وليد السقاف
Orebro University - Sweden

Walid al-Saqaf is a Yemeni academic, journalist, and anti-censorship activist. He is the director of the Global Journalism master programme at Örebro University, where he is also a postdoc doing research on Internet projects to empower activists involved the Arab Spring. He is the founder and administrator of Yemen Portal, a Yemeni news and content aggregator, and the developer of Alkasir for Internet Censorship Mapping and Circumvention, a software solution that allows users in countries such as Syria and Iran to access blocked websites. Walid is a co-founder of the Internet Society's Yemen chapter, which he currently chairs. He is also a TED, ICANN, RIPE NCC Fellow and served as a member of the advisory group for the Arab Internet Governance Forum.