A Community of Human Rights Practitioners

Welcome to the New Tactics online community. We’re a group of individuals and organizations who are working around the world to promote human rights for all. We come from different backgrounds and focus on different issues. By supporting each other and sharing what we’ve learned, we’ll be more effective in our work. Join us in talking about strategies and tactics to promote human rights around the world.

Below is a list of our New Tactics Conversation Leaders. These community members lead the online conversations by contributing their experiences, advice, challenges and resources.

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معاذ ابو دلو's picture
معاذ ابو دلو
Bert Verstappen's picture
Bert Verstappen
@HNTracker's picture
Hend Alhinnawi
Humanitarian Tracker
United States
Liz Banse's picture
Liz Banse
Resource Media
United States
Gabi's picture
Gabi Sibley
Tactical Tech
KPequeno's picture
Kathleen Pequeño
Progressive Communicators Network
United States
mirkolorenz's picture
Mirko Lorenz
Journalism ++ Cologne
jacky's picture
jacky sutton
Susan Wolfinbarger's picture
Susan Wolfinbarger
United States
Hleson's picture
Heather Leson
Open Knowledge Foundation
zararah's picture
Zara Rahman
Open Knowledge Foundation
Emma Prest's picture
Emma Prest
Tactical Tech
intissar's picture
انتصار العرفاوي
Youssef Belgacem's picture
Youssef Belgacem
همدان العليي's picture
همدان العليي
المجموعة اليمنية للشفافية والنزاهة - فرع الشفافية الدولية
خالد خليفات's picture
خالد خليفات
خبير ومختص قي قضايا الاعلام
Haddad Dany's picture
داني حداد
مستشار مستقل
kayhanirani's picture
Kayhan Irani
United States
designaction's picture
Nadia Khastagir
Design Action Collective
United States
Justin von Bujdoss's picture
Justin von Bujdoss
New York Tsurphu Goshir Dharma Center
United States
storyfool's picture
chris cavanagh
Catalyst Centre (One-Stop Pop Ed Shop Worker Co-op)
doylecanning's picture
Doyle Canning
Center for Storybased Strategy (CSS)
United States
clbergpowers's picture
Cara Berg Powers
Press Pass TV
United States
Shreya Atrey's picture
Shreya Atrey
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Innosanto Nagara's picture
Innosanto Nagara
Design Action Collective
United States
Iulia Socea's picture
Iulia Socea
Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania
Jen Soriano's picture
Jen Soriano
RoadMap Consulting, Lionswrite Communications
Puerto Rico
nathanairplane's picture
Nathan Schneider
Waging Nonviolence
United States
krendahl's picture
Kristi Rendahl
Center for Victims of Torture
danielle.coatesconnor's picture
Danielle Coates-Connor
Center for Story-based Strategy
United States