Assessing and Advocating for At-Risk Groups in the Reintegration Process

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Assessing and Advocating for At-Risk Groups in the Reintegration Process

Below is a list of questions to serve as a starting framework for the discussion in this thread:

  • What groups amongst former combatants and their dependents are at higher risks for failed reintegration into society?
  • What problems are unique to women combatants and child soldiers in the reintegration process?
  • What are some strategies NGOs, governments, and grassroots organizations can use to assess and mitigate the additional challenges at-risk groups face?
  • What additional resources should be provided to former combatants suffering from physical or mental harm from the conflict?
  • Share stories of success
Disabled Excombatants Children and Women

No groups amongst former combatants are as difficult to reintegrate, as women children and disabled ex-combatants. This is why they are often termed special groups and are entitled to special benefits. Unfortunately, the challenges that these groups face are often not commensurate with the resources that are allocated to their reintegration. They tend to be ‘invisible’ in programming and even where they are targeted the responses tend to take a cookie cutter, largely ignoring the individual needs of these groups. How can we target and focus both on the individual approach but also take into account the needs of communities to reintegrate these groups?

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