Introduction: Susan Atwood, New Tactics Program Manager

Susan Atwood, New Tactics Program ManagerWe are thrilled to introduce you to our new New Tactics Program Manager, Susan Atwood!

Susan Atwood has thirty years of experience in the fields of international political development and community participation in the United Kingdom, Belgium and the United States. She was most recently the global leadership instructor on the capstone course for the University of Minnesota’s Leadership minor for undergraduates: Leadership for Global Citizenship.

Susan has a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. In the 90's, she served as the Regional Director for Eastern European Affairs for the National Democractic Institute (NDI) for International Affairs. and previously as the Regional Director for Eastern European Affairs for the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES).

And in her spare time, she generously volunteered her time and expertise to the New Tactics program from 2004 to 2010, helping us with strategic planning and fundraising (and a million other things).

Susan is passionate about human rights and is eager to lead this program with the support of the team and you, the community.

Please join us in welcoming Susan to the New Tactics team!


I have had the wonderful priviledge of working side-by-side with Susan on a wide variety of our New Tactics endeavors, as well as university course partnerships, over the years. Susan brings an amazing wealth of experience to the New Tactics community and for advancing our vision!

Nancy Pearson, New Tactics in Human Rights Training Manager


It feels a bit strange to welcome you to the team, since you have actually been a part of our team for many I will say - welcome back to the team in this leadership role! We're all very excited to have you on board and we look forward to exploring new areas of work for New Tactics with your guidance.

Kristin Antin, New Tactics Online Community Builder

Dear Susan,

It's my pleasure to welcome you in New Tactics team, I never get the chance to work with you before, but now I am very excited to have you joining us, and looking forward to get the chance to learn form you experience and expertise of Human Rights advocates.

Welcome back



Welcome to the team / Congratulations on the new leadership role! It has been a pleasure to work with you this summer doing "mock donor pitches" and hunting down book shipment information/ processes (keep the projects coming!). I am honored to be a part of your team and look forward to learning and growing with you!

- Deanna

Thanks so much for your warm welcome. I am excited to officially join the the program in a leadership capacity having worked for so many years as a volunteer! I am looking forward to a rewarding and exciting time ahead