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Wonderful contributions everybody. This has been a dialogue where I have learned so much.
Because I wanted others to be able to scan the juicier parts of the discussion, without having to read the whole thing, I pulled excerpts of the dialogue into a blog post entitled In the company of accompaniment on interTactica. Thought I'd let you know.
Let me say a final word of appreciation for all of your courage, all of your dedication, all of the true humility you bring to the work for justice and peace.
I don't see any higher purpose to our existence than to help save lives, alleviate some of the uncessary suffering around us, and empower those whose life is being unjustly degraded. That's why unarmed accompaniment in violent conflict stands at the top of the most heroic actions I know about.
Thank you so much for dedicating so much of your life to such meaningful contribution.



Philippe Duhamel

Use of accompaniment to disrupt all levels in the abuse process

Intervention Diagram of Unarmed Accompaniment

Hello friends,

I wanted to be sure to add to the discussion this information about the Featured Discussion resource, Side by Side: Protecting and
encouraging threatened activists with unarmed international accompaniment
, by
Liam Mahony.

One of the useful diagrams featured in Liam's tactical notebook provides an good visual for how international presence serves as a deterrent against the use of violence. The diagram, "Intervention Pattern: 3 - Use of accompaniment to disrupt all levels in the abuse process," illustrates the various points of
potential intervention carried out by those who provide accompaniment.

Liam's tactical notebook provides an excellent resource for organizations already in
the field providing unarmed accompaniment as well as for those who are
interested in this life-saving tactic.

Nancy Pearson, New Tactics Program Manager


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