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Yemi Oshodi
World Hope International
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Adeyemi Oshodi is the Director of Anti-Trafficking Programs at World Hope International in Washington, DC, where she provides guidance to WHI’s Anti-Trafficking program. She provides specific management to anti-trafficking care, support and public awareness programs in the US, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Southern Africa and Azerbaijan. She is a Steering Committee member of the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST). Oshodi has a background in program management and has managed human rights, Women’s Rights, and numerous global health programs around the world. Prior to working for World Hope International, Yemi worked for international organizations including PATH and Population Services International. She has lived and worked in The Gambia, Guinea and Swaziland. In 2004, she founded a human rights youth organization in Swaziland. She received her MA in International Development Support.

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