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Alis Costescu
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Executive Director
Ratiu Center for Democracy (Romania)
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Elena-Alis Costescu is a PhD graduate (in Sociology) with policy, research, and awareness-raising expertise in the field of gender equality and equal opportunities. As MA and PhD student at Babeş-Bolyai University, she was involved in research and activist projects such as social inclusion of vulnerable groups, initiatives of the Romanian civil society with equal opportunities for vulnerable groups in the labor market, seminars and workshops for raising awareness on racial and gender discrimination etc.

She had worked as project manager at Raţiu Center for Democracy (2009-2012) where she conducted projects that aimed to assess discriminatory attitudes and practices against stigmatized groups. She was also responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating projects aimed to promote gender equality and gender mainstreaming, and to train high school students on the EU institutional framework, policies and decision-making process. Currently, Alis is the executive director of the Raţiu Center for Democracy and she coordinated the national program “Youth Participation”.