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Amber Elizabeth Gray
TASSC; New Mexico Department of Health
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Amber is both a longtime practitioner of body centered arts and sciences (somatic psychology, massage therapy, Life Impressions Body-work -- based on the teachings of Ida Rolf, Ayurvedic medicine and Feldenkrais -- dance movement therapy, energy medicine, cranio-sacral therapy, yoga, and shiatsu), and an advocate of human rights. She has twenty years experience in human services and work with displaced people, refugees, and survivors of human rights abuses such as torture, war, and organized violence. Her expertise is in the development of culturally congruent programs that reinforce individual and communal resilience for communities who have experienced mass social trauma such as war or natural disaster. She combines somatic psychology, current trauma and neuropsychological research, movement therapy, ritual, creative arts, and Continuum in her trainings for health and mental health professionals and paraprofessionals. Her passion is in training paraprofessionals globally who work on the edge, and in the field, to work creatively through the body and the arts to assist survivors of human rights abuses and mass atrocities. As a dancer, her passion is Afro-Caribbean dance, and she was co-director of Planetary Dance Ensemble for four years.