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Amy O'Donnell
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I work for FrontlineSMS:Radio which is developing software to assist community radio stations to interact dynamically with audiences by harnessing the power of SMS text messaging. Radio represents the dominant media source for many and SMS is increasingly being used by radio stations to facilitate two-way communication with listeners. FrontlineSMS:Radio will be a tailored version of FrontlineSMS, a freely downloadable, open source software which turns a laptop and mobile phone or GSM modem into a communications hub without requiring Internet access. I am simultaneously managing the development of a new version of this core plaltform of the software - FrontlineSMS:Version 2. 

I joined FrontlineSMS at the beginning of 2011 from the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation based in The Hague which supports minority groups and indigenous communities to develop human rights campaigns and access international fora such as the UN.  While studying Human Rights at University College London, I developed an interest in migration and the rights of the internally displaced, particularly in the Great Lakes region. 

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