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Dr. Syed Asif Altaf
International Transport Workers Federation(ITF)
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Dr. Asif is currently working in the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) as the Global HIV/AIDS Coordinator. Before joining the ITF, he used to coordinate a HIV prevention programme for transport workers implemented by the CARE Bangladesh in partnership with local transport unions. Over the last 15 years he also worked as Program Managers in number of international organizations and implemented different reproductive and occupational health care programs. His professional skill areas include project planning and implementation, advocacy & networking, participatory action research.

Dr.Asif has lead many collaborative/networking initiatives from grass root to policy level with donors, government, and community based organization and partner NGOs. He has traveled all over the world to bring out and present realities, challenges, success story and raised issues related to health care need including HIV prevention and support services for vulnerable and marginalized population.

Conversations I have led

08/20/2008 to 08/26/2008