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psychosocial counselor
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Hey! Am very happy that you are reading my bio! So let’s begin J


My name is Ashraf Alkelani and am from the middle east from a country named Jordan. Right now am working as a psychosocial counselor I CVT and this is my third year in healing war traumatized victims.

I must say it’s a privilege to b working in such a place with much indeed individuals and seeing the effect on the Clint’s we see. I’ve also worked in the camp before ion zatare camp as a psychosocial worker in handicap international in working spisifcly with people who had part of their limbs amputated and or injured due it war events. Yet it is a very great part of working like with such vulnerable people as you see the change in them during and after the sessions.


I have studied social work in university of Jordan and since a long time I knew it’s the place I wanted to be in and the field I wanted to work in for the rest of my life. Yet even during my study we used to go to a lot of places as a part of our studying to go to other places and be under the supervision of a licensed social worker witch was really full of experience!


For me personally I like exchanging knowledge and expanding my point of view with talking with other people who have the same or close knowledge to what I have, which is a big part of why am here in this place right now to learn more and to gain new friends J


Well I don’t want to tack too long now so hope to see you in the conversation!


See you soon!