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Barbara Rubim
Climate Action Network
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Bárbara has a degree in law and is an experienced renewable energy expert who has worked and engaged with Greenpeace in Brazil and Internationally for almost 10 years. As a solar industry advocate and adviser, she has actively lobbied MPs and has been consulted by the government for policy and law-making, being involved in the drafting and approval of energy-related Federal, State and Municipal legislation in Brazil, including the new virtual net metering policy and the creation of the "solar schools" program within the Federal Government and its budget. 
Previously, Barbara also worked as a parliamentary legal adviser, a researcher for the Cities Ministry and helped consolidate energy-related projects within the UN-Habitat sector. Among other things, she has launched successful crowdfunding campaigns to “solarize” schools; has developed on and off-grid solar installations, assisted with documentary filming in the Amazon; and coordinated events, renewable energy reports, and campaigns. To promote a transition to a 100% renewable world, she advocates, lobbies, works closely with partners, and even climbs onto rooftops to install solar panels.



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