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Tania DoCarmo
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U.S. Director of Development
Chab Dai Coalition
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Tania DoCarmo is the U.S. Director of Development for Chab Dai Coalition's U.S. arm in California. Chab Dai Coalition  is a coalition of faith-based organizations working against sexual abuse and trafficking in Cambodia and beyond. After working and living abroad for several years in Brazil, Cambodia and the UK, Tania moved back to the United States in July 2008 and is currently working to extend Chab Dai's collaboration and networking model against human trafficking into the context of the United States. In Cambodia, Tania worked as Assistant Coordinator at ChabDai, where she developed an extensive resource library of over 2,000 resources, worked directly with member organizations & practitioners, facilitated discussion forums, and attended collaboration events with UN agencies, government agencies and NGOS across the region. Tania is passionate about seeing an end to human trafficking through models of prevention, collaboration between agencies, and a victim centered approach to care.

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