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The Change Agency is a collective of activist educators and researchers. We work with community organisers to help them clarify their purpose and develop plans that will enable them to be heard, focus their energies and achieve social and environmental justice outcomes. Our mission is to strengthen effective community and workplace action for social, ecological and economic justice by providing facilitation, workshops, resources, research and other learning opportunities.

For ten years, we’ve developed, collected and shared tools to help activists and community organisers define and achieve their goals. We research social change to learn what works, and draw on action research to inform our facilitation and educational work. Our work involves:

  • research, evaluation and analysis
  • facilitation and activist education
  • training program development and advice
  • curriculum and resource development
  • strategic planning and campaign strategy

Workshops we provide include campaign strategising, community organising, mobilising for change, decision-making and working together, nonviolent direct action (NvDA) and civil disobedience, movement action plan, scenario-based campaigning, facilitation, learning organisations and evaluation, theories of change, activist education and educating the educator.

Our approach draws on traditions of popular and experiential education and encourages participatory and empowered learning, listening and reflection, questioning not telling, exercises linked to real and contemporary change work, supporting, mentoring, guiding, facilitating and tutoring. We avoid the 'talking head' approach to adult education, the facilitator as expert, and treating participants as empty vessels.

Our collective members are based in different parts of Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Alice Springs and Canberra. We're a tight outfit and our collective comprises James Whelan, Holly Hammond, Jason Macleod, Pru Gell, Anthony Kelly and Sam La Rocca (currently in Manchester), plus a network of facilitators, trainers and researchers. Our collective community organising and campaign experience includes work focused on Indigenous solidarity, youth rights, women’s liberation, sex industry law reform, peace and environmentalism. Combined we have around a century of experience in social action and education.

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