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Christine Njeru
Job Title: 
Human Rights Officer
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
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Christine Njeru, Human Rights Officer, Research, Policy & Legislation, KNCHR engages in ad hoc research on topical issues including the right of migrant workers; the abolition of the Death Penalty in Kenya among others. Christine provides desk reviews and field research for KNCHR publications including the annual State of Human Rights Report in Kenya which is submitted to Parliament bi-annually and which reviews the state of human rights in Kenya. She reviews Government’s fulfillment of its International Human Rights Obligations and being part of the secretariat that coordinates the government process of compiling a National Policy and Action Plan on Human Rights. She reviews policies and legislation (domestic and international) and makes recommendations to the Government, as well as lobbies for the adoption of various bills and the signing and ratification of key international instruments. The KNCHR is currently engaging in the investigation and documentation of the post-2007 Election Violence in order to provide an impartial account of what happened and who was responsible. All members of staff at KNCHR are conducting field work for purposes of documentation.