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Colombia Peace Maker Team
Christian Peacemaker Teams
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Christian Peacemaker Teams in Colombia provides accompaniment to threatened communities, organizations and their leaders, and documents violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. A combination of trained full-time and reservist volunteers from Colombia, Canada and the United States staff the team.
As a team, we actively participate in campaigns and initiatives of local and international organizations and churches working for violence reduction, social justice, grass-roots community development, self-determination and peace. In consultation with our Colombian partners, we also initiate public actions. (We are especially known our "liturgical actions") Through our writings and the hosting of both national and international delegations, we work to visibilize the Colombian struggle for peace nationally and in North America. When we are not in Colombia, CPT Colombia team members are active in our countries of origin, where we do public education, lobby government, organize and/or participate in public actions and demonstrations, and work with our supporters and other North-American-based organizations who share our concern for Colombian victims of injustice and violence. We work to mobilize our supporters to learn more about Colombia and in turn to work to transform public policies from ones that fund military solutions and perpetuate economic dependence, to policies that foster nonviolent approaches to conflict, the building of community, and autonomy.

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