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Darren Bunton
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Born in the United States, Darren is actively involved in human rights activism in the US and abroad. Darren’s educational background includes a degree in psychology from Marian College in Indianapolis Indiana. Darren also studied organizational psychology at Walden University in Minneapolis Minnesota.

After a career in developmental disabilities, peace education, and conflict resolution, Darren has embarked on a career as a writer/producer/director. His directorial debut was a documentary short film highlighting the conflict resolution programs of Peace Leaning Center. He is currently in the pre-production stage of a feature length film that examines the impact of mining “conflict minerals” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The objective of the film is to inspire hope to the people of the world through sharing compelling stories of survival by the Congolese people.

In addition to human rights activism and freelance writing, Darren works as Creative Director for an entertainment company in Los Angeles, but spends an equal amount of time participating in making the world a better place. Prior to his job in entertainment, he worked as a university professor, as well as program director for two non-profit organizations with which he has stayed connected.

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