Davina Wadley

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Davina Wadley
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Head of Human Rights Advocacy
Fisher Dore Lawyers
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Davina's areas of practice with Fisher Dore Lawyers include refugee law, statelessness, citizenship law, administrative law, migration law, indigenous justice, discrimination law, prisoner’s rights and mental health law. Davina is well respected by her peers and can be relied upon to explore every available option for her clients. Davina brings a unique skill set to every one of her client’s matters - a culmination of years of experience practicing as a lawyer in a variety of areas, combined with extensive engagement with the human rights sector. She is results driven, and committed to fighting for the rights of individuals and communities.

Davina commenced her legal career with Boe Lawyers in 2008, working in criminal defence and human rights advocacy, before moving on to working as a lawyer with Legal Aid Queensland. Since 2012, Davina’s practice has involved working internationally and domestically on a variety of human rights issues. This has included consultancies with key stakeholders such as UNHCR, UNICEF, Refugees International, the Andrew and Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, Multicultural Development Australia, AMES Australia, and the University of Melbourne. Davina has also co-authored articles for the Melbourne University Law Review and reports for international non-government organisations and UN agencies.

Davina works closely with a wide network of UN organisations, NGOs, academics and affected communities. She is regularly invited to provide presentations on emerging human rights issues and training on best practice models for the representation of persons from marginalised communities. Davina also frequently travels throughout Asia and the Pacific to undertake research and engage in consultations with other human rights practitioners.

In November 2016 Davina was appointed as the Founding Coordinator of the Statelessness Network Asia Pacific (SNAP), a civil society coalition that promotes collaboration and information sharing between stakeholders who are working to address statelessness in Asia and the Pacific. As SNAP’s Coordinator, Davina manages the development and implementation of SNAP’s activities, in consultation with the network’s members and partners.

Davina holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland.