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Abby Goldberg
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Deputy Director
New Media Advocacy Project
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Abby Goldberg is the Deputy Director of the New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) where she oversees all programs to integrate video and other new media to achieve concrete outcomes in advancing human rights through policy and law. Prior to N-Map, Abby co-developed the first digital system to co-ordinate responses to gender based violence in Haiti at Digital Democracy, and has shared that work with other advocates worldwide to employ similar systems.  Abby specializes in legal advocacy, media, international law, gender, and Latin America, but works worldwide to help overcome some of the greatest human rights challenges of our time using new technologies and tools to empower citizens and advocates who represent them.  Abby was nominated as one of 100 leaders in politics and technology by GovFresh, and continues to develop innovative ways to use technology to bridge gaps between human rights bodies and national and international decision-makers with those they exist to serve.  

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