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Denny John
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MPH Student
University of Auckland
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I am a graduate degree in physical therapy and post graduate degree in hospital management. I have been working in the health sector for almost 9 years now in areas such as clinical (physical therapy), management of health projects, healthcare management, providing technical support for commmunity health programme management, community health insurance planning and design and conducting health systems research. I have been consultant for various international NGOs such as Action Aid, PATH and UNDP while also supporting local NGOs in India. I have received numerous fellowships for supporting my research and project activities. I have had publications as book chapters in the areas of health financing and public health budget analysis. In October 2009 I was selected for Commonwealth Scholarship for MPH programme at University of Auckland, New Zealand. Here I am focussing my coursework in the areas of health economics, economic evaluations and statistical applications in health policy.

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