Dr. Glenn Miles

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Dr. Glenn Miles
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Director of Prevention
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Dr. Glen Miles has over 20 years experience working in child health and welfare focusing on Asia. His career developed from being a Child health nurse and he helped to develop the Celebrating Children course (www.celebratingchildrentraining.info) with Viva (www.viva.org) for practitioners working with children at risk. He also helped to develop the Tearfund Children at Risk Guidelines (www.tearfund.org) co-editor of the Celebrating Children book (Paternoster 2003). Dr. Miles is involved in training from basic to PhD level in Holistic Child Development 

Dr. Miles conducted published research in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia and contributed to the UN Study on Violence at National and Regional levels with research in Cambodia on children's experiences and understandings of violence including sexual abuse and trafficking.  This research was developed into a PhD.

He is currently involved with Love146 in a prevention strategy which involves working to develop and work with existing networks in Cambodia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. He is exploring working with partners in research and advocacy, training and implementation of projects that tackle demand and prevention.  

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