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Francesca Binda
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Binda Consulting International Ltd.
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Francesca is President of Binda Consulting International (, based in Malta. She is a veteran of several political transitions of the last twenty years, most significantly engaged in the Balkans and the Middle East. Whether as an implementer of policy for an inter-governmental organization or as a NGO activist, supporting local efforts to reform or as a contributor of new ideas at an international think tank, she developed substantial relationships with political change agents and is respected by political leaders in several countries. An expert on elections, parliament and political parties, Francesca has worked in over 30 countries, managing multi-million dollar projects that delivered. She is a recipient of the Canada Peace Keeping medal, in recognition of her work in the Balkans.


Before beginning international work 20 years ago, Francesca worked in the Canadian House of Commons and was campaign director for a national environmental coalition. For three years she was a senior advisor to the first woman to lead and major political party in North America and has been, ever since, a passionate advocate for women’s political participation. When Francesca is not thinking about politics, she thinks about food -- both cooking and eating.