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Education Specialist
Equitas--International Centre for Human Rights Education
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At Equitas I design and develop education materials and conduct research with a view to building content expertise in Equitas programming, as well as in human rights education methodology. In particular, my position focuses on design evaluation processes and innovative evaluation tools, data analysis and reporting.  The main project I am currently working on is based in Tanzania, and focuses on building the capacity of women, children and youth to participate in decision-making that effects their lives. It is one component of a larger project that has an ulitmate goal to foster safer and more equitable communities where children and youth are particpating and taking leadership in promoting greater respect for human rights. The project in Tanzania is in the beginning stages of implementation, where we are piloting models and processes for increasing participation at the grassroots level in three communities. In the past I have shared my passion for the environment and social need, while teaching Secondary Geography and Environmental Enterprise in England and the Bahamas. In addition, have completed several projects as a freelance education specailsit and insturctional designer for organizations such as Alianza por el Agua and Catholic Relief Services, Catbird Productions' Burugndy Jazz Project, Define the Line and Studio 7.