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Hend Alhinnawi
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Humanitarian Tracker
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Exploring various parts in the Middle East and Africa including Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Kenya; Hend was inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Ultimately, this led her to pursue a career dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential. Her professional experiences include working with the United Nations World Heath Organization, World Food Program and in 2011, she co-founded Humanitarian Tracker; a global non-profit forum that connects and empowers citizens using innovation in technology to support humanitarian causes.

Hend Alhinnawi grew up in Los Angeles, California. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Development from UCLA with a focus in Middle East and North African studies, and a Master of Public Diplomacy from The Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. Hend’s research interests include exploring the role of women in public diplomacy, issues affecting the Middle East, development and role of technology in disasters.



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