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Elina Saaristo and Blaec Kalwe
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Project Development Specialist
IOM Moldova
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The International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova, known as IOM Chisinau, has been operating in Moldova since 2000. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe with high levels of migration and trafficking. IOM Chisinau runs a comprehensive program of prevention and protection in the CT field. IOM has strong links with the Government and other CT actors in the country, including NGOs in the Transnistrian break-away region. IOM was the leading agency in developing the National Referral System in Moldova and continues to work closely with the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child. IOM also supports the only specialized shelter for VoTs in Moldova. IOM has provided assistance to more than 2500 victims of trafficking and 1000 potential VoTs between 2000 and 2008. IOM Chisinau Prevention and Protection team consists of 10 people, who are here represented by Blaec Kalweit and Elina Saaristo.  Please see for more info!

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