Iva Vukusic

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Iva Vukusic
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Analyst, Researcher
Sense News Agency, The Hague
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I am a former journalist and editor that spent the last eight years working in the field of human rights and war crimes prosecution. Currently I work with ICTY evidence material in The Hague; I do research and write and publish about international justice. In the past I worked as an analyst for the Special War Crimes Department of the Prosecutor's office in Sarajevo, Bosnia and for King's College London - War Studies Department. In July 2014, I am spending time in Rwanda observing local trials.

I am interested in international affairs and public policy and I passionately follow news, digital campaigns and the field of online communications (particularly social media). I am especially interested in judicial and other institutions working in the field of justice, peace and security.

I have conducted presentations at conferences and events in New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Brussels, Kigali, Canterbury, Groningen, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leuven... I also present for students discussing human rights, conflict and war crimes prosecution.

I was involved in other projects as a consultant and freelancer. These include working on the ‘All different All equal’ campaign of the Council of Europe (2005, 2006); doing public relations and events organizing for the Volunteer Centre Zagreb (2006) and Helsinki Committee in Croatia (2007); organizing a training course with partners on the role of women in conflict transformation in Palermo, Sicily (2006); moderating public debates about transitional justice in several towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007, 2008) and holding regular presentations for foreign students and journalists visiting the Special War Crimes Department in Sarajevo (2008, 2009), working on an exhibition on Srebrenica with the Open Society Archives in Budapest (2010) and holding presentations for NYU students on a study visit to The Hague (2010–today).

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