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Jamila Boughelaf
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Jamila has got a BA in Communication (with a major in international communication) from the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy and a Master in Social Sciences: Communities, Organisations and Social Change from City University London.

Passionate about understanding the power of communication in shaping people's perspectives, she has been involved in a range of events including photography exhibitions and conferences aiming to secure sanctuary and justice to people escaping persecution. Her experience at London Citizens also enabled her to be directly involved in the Citizens UK General Election Assembly (May 2010), where the three main party leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have agreed on ending the detention of children for migration causes.

She has always been interested in migration trends, inter-faith dialogues and cultural understanding, focusing especially on the Muslim community in Europe. Through her MA dissertation research on Muslim women and the burqa debate in France, she further developed her interest about Muslim women rights, needs and priorities in European countries.

Jamila has also been Research Assistant for Dr. Maha Azzam and Dr. Sara Silvestri. Researching topics such as integration, Islam in Europe and  the role of Political Islam in the MENA region, she conducted both theoretical and empirical research through secondary data analysis, field-work and interviews. 

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