Janet Nickel

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Janet Nickel
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Technical Coordinator
World Hope International - FAAST
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Janet Nickel is the Technical Coordinator for the World Hope International Implemented (FAAST) Project in Sierra Leone. She is an American who has been working internationally since 1980. She was an elementary school teacher in the United States from 1975-1980. Nickel originally moved to Sierra Leone in 1980 and has worked in the country for nearly 20 years. She also worked as a humanitarian worker in Guinea for three years facilitating Stress and Trauma Healing Workshops for refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia. She has experience working in Nigeria and Russia. Nickel joined WHI’s anti-trafficking initiative in 2004, where her vast knowledge of Sierra Leone, experience with training and community education, and passion for seeking justice has given her an edge in providing technical support to the program.

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