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Joe Entwisle
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Senior Policy Analyst
Health & Disability Advocates
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Joe has more than 15 years experience as a Senior Policy Analyst, providing expertise around training, technical assistance, and policy development related to federal and state programs on long-term care, vocational rehabilitation, federal and state safety net benefits, and employment support programs. These experiences provided ripe opportunities to work with a number of partners, from working directly with persons with disabilities, private businesses, counties, states and federal entities, improving innovations in the health and employment systems relating to individuals with disabilities. Each work experience has also facilitated Joe’s becoming a recognized speaker and thought leader on systems change initiatives that support and promote self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities.

Prior to being a senior policy analyst, Joe’s work history has always focused on improving the health and employment outcomes of persons with disabilities. As someone with a lived experience of spinal cord injury, Joe clearly understands the challenges and opportunities as they exist in the real world environment. This experience has opened building blocks of successful opportunities, ranging from his experiences as the Executive Director of Wisconsin State Independent Living Council, a professional benefits planner and employment counselor to individuals with disabilities, mental health clubhouse counselor, VR counselor, and substance abuse and mental health counselor at the VA. Throughout this experience, Joe has continued to provide peer counseling and support to other persons recently injured or struggling with issues related to spinal cord injury.