Jessica Dickinson Goodman

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Jessica Dickinson Goodman
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Digital Communications Specialist
Polaris Project
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Jessica Dickinson Goodman currently serves as Polaris Project’s Digital Communications Specialist, working to take human trafficking offline using the power of the internet. She is responsible for the Facebook and Twitter accounts and works to inspire (but is mostly inspired by) Polaris's grassroots network. Ms. Dickinson Goodman also drafts newsletters, development communications, and action items.
Prior to becoming full-time staff, she served as a fellow with the Public Outreach and Communications team in Summer 2010. In Spring 2011 Ms. Dickinson Goodman led a student movement to make Pittsburgh the first mid-sized city in the United States to introduce legislation to comprehensively combat sex trafficking in brothels posing as massage businesses, involving 22 student organizations and delivering 500 hand-written letters to city council in support of draft legislation she'd learned about during her fellowship.
In May 2012, Ms. Dickinson Goodman graduated with B.S from Carnegie Mellon University in Ethics, History and Public Policy, a minor in Music Performance (Voice) and three years of Arabic. Before joining Polaris Project, Ms. Dickinson Goodman wrote the stories of survivors of as an intern for the World Organization for Human Rights USA, developed an intellectual property law casebook as an intern at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and served California’s constituents as congressional intern for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

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