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Kristin Antin
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Director of Programs
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As many of you already know, I am no longer employed by New Tactics. I felt it was time to start a new adventure and bring in some new ideas and leadership to this position. I’m excited to see where the new community coordinator, Brent Jensen, takes this initiative!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you. Over the past six and a half years, I have gained so much from this community. You have taught me what it means to be part of a community - you have shown me patience when I’m not prepared for the technology to break, you have shown me trust when you said ‘yes’ to leading our online discussions (even though you weren’t quite sure what you were getting yourself into), and you have shown leadership when you gently guide my approach. Thank for all of these (and many more) lessons.

Your creativity, dedication, and openness is truly inspiring. If anyone can impact the protection of human rights in this world, it is you.

Though I will no longer be your online community builder, this is by no means goodbye. I look forward to our ongoing work and exchange in this community and others. I have so much more to learn from you!

Please stay in touch. You can reach me over at the engine room https://www.theengineroom.org/our_team/kristin-antin/ or send me a message through the New Tactics website by clicking on the 'contact' tab above.

- Kristin