Lili Cole

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Elizabeth A. Cole (Lili)
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Senior Program Officer
U.S. Institute of Peace
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Elizabeth A. “Lili” Cole

Elizabeth A. Cole is currently a Senior Program Officer in the Center for Applied Research on Conflict at the U.S. Institute of Peace, where she leads the Reconciliation research area. Prior to joining USIP, she was Assistant Director, Education, Asia Society; Senior Program Officer in Research and Studies at the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, where she developed a research program on political reconciliation and history education; and Director of Research and Religion Programs, Center for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University. Her publications include “Ourselves, Others and the Past that Binds Us: Teaching History for Citizenship and Peace,” in Education for Citizenship and Peace: Policy and Implementation, Margaret Sinclair, Ed., Doha, Education Above All, June 2012; co-author, with Karen Murphy, “History Education Reform, Transitional Justice and the Transformation of Identities,” in Identities in Transition: Challenges for Transitional Justice in Divided Societies, ed. Paige Arthur (2011, Cambridge University Press); and  Editor, Teaching the Violent Past: History Education and Reconciliation (2007, Rowman and Littlefield). Her research interests focus on education and conflict, transitional justice, human rights and post-conflict reconciliation, particularly the intersections of these areas.