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Lina Srivastava
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Regarding Humanity
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Lina Srivastava is a strategist who combines activism, technology, culture, art, and storytelling for social transformation. She is the founder of a social innovation strategy group in New York City and has provided project design consultation to a group of social impact organizations, including UNESCO, the World Bank, UNICEF, MobileActive, Apne Aap, Shine Global, BYkids, and Donor Direct Action.  An attorney by training from New York University School of Law, Lina has been involved in campaigns for several documentaries, including Oscar-winning Born into Brothels. She is the currently strategist for VODO, 3Generations, Lakou Mizik, and Who Is Dayani Cristal? Lina is also the creator of the Transmedia Activism framework, which guides the development of media, art, and technology projects from story to social action. Lina provides workshops, consultations, keynote addresses, panel discussions, and speeches on the rise of storytelling, narrative platforms, and social innovation as tools for social change, including at Yale Law School, Lincoln Center, MIT Media Lab, TEDx, and the Tribeca Film Festival.