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Lorraine Teel
Minnesota AIDS Project
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Lorraine Teel is the Executive Director of the Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP). Founded in 1983, 2008 marks the 25th year of service for MAP.  MAP envisions a world free of AIDS.  Our mission is to lead Minnesota’s fight to stop HIV through advocacy, education and service.  We stop HIV the “social disease” by making sure the public has current, accurate information, individuals use their legal protections responsibly, and we are all engaged in creating smart public policies.  We stop new infections by providing effective education, especially for those at highest risk as well as to the public at large. Finally, we stop the devastating effect HIV has on people’s health by ensuring their access to health care and the services they need to use that care.

MAP provides prevention and outreach services for Minnesotans with questions about HIV transmission, testing and services. In addition, MAP offers targeted prevention programs for gay and bisexual men, gay and bisexual men who also inject drugs (primarily methamphetamine) and for all other injecting drug users and their sexual partners.  MAP also operates the AIDSLine, both a telephone and web-based service for those with questions about HIV, including the capacity for live chat.  MAP also provides range of supporting services for those living with HIV throughout the State of Minnesota. 

Finally, MAP works on the advocacy issues related to reducing stigma and discrimination and to insure that those at risk for or living with HIV are treated fairly.  Our work in this arena includes advocacy both at the State capitol and in Washington DC to insure that non-U.S. born Minnesotans are treated fairly and that international relief efforts to aid those affected around the world by HIV receive the services and support needed. 


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