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Human Rights Channel Curator
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Hi there! As the Human Rights Channel Curator at WITNESS, I lead a team that sources, verifies, and contextualizes citizen video of human rights issues around the world. I work with colleagues at WITNESS and elsewhere to understand what makes citizen videos effective documentation of human rights issues, and how they can be utilitzed safely, ethically, and effectively by reporters and investigators.

In 2010, as a UC Berkeley Human Rights Center Fellow, I collaborated with Jamaica's leading human rights organization to document police brutality in Kingston, producing a video that was presented to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and continues to be used to educate and inform Jamaicans about police abuse and the justice system. I have also with Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, and other organizations to produce multimedia that supports advocacy. 

Before I joined the human rights field, I worked for nearly a decade as a print, radio, and multimedia reporter, contributing stories to the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Orion, and public radio shows such as PRI's The World. 

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