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Madeline Koch
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Program Officer
International Civil Society Action Network
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Founded in 2006, ICAN is a registered non-profit, US based organization whose mission is to support civil society activism in promoting women’s rights, peace and human security in countries affected by conflict, transition and closed political space. ICAN aims to support women’s efforts through bridging the divisions between activists and the policy community, elevating the voices and experiences of women activists, building skills, and ensuring the exchange of knowledge and resources.

ICAN achieves its mission through trainings, information generation, sharing and exchange, and dialogue facilitation.

ICAN places partnership and collaboration as a core principle of its interactions with other NGOs as well as academic institutions and multilateral organizations. We pride ourselves in listening to and responding to the needs of our partners in conflict affected countries. By virtue of establishing strong ties with globally renowned institutions, we can bridge the north-south divisions, and foster a mutually beneficial exchange of expertise and knowledge and practice. ICAN also believes in elevating the voices and profile of national experts onto the global arena. As such we strive to identify and work with local activists and scholars where possible.

Madeline is ICAN’s DC-based Program Officer focusing on communications, outreach and MENA programming. Madeline holds a degree in French and Arabic from Davidson College (NC) and completed a Fulbright in Morocco where she taught English and American Political Rhetoric at Université Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah, a public university in Fes.

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