Mandira Sharma

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Mandira Sharma
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Human Rights Defender
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Mandira Sharma is a leading human rights activist from Nepal. For last two decades she has been working to promote human rights and rule of law in the country by monitoring and documenting cases of human rights violations, challenging cases of human rights violations by initiating advocacy and litigation both at national and international level. She is known for her work against impunity in Nepal.

Taking enormous challenges, Mandira lead the team of more then 100 lawyers and HRDs, monitoring and documenting cases of human rights violations during Nepal’s conflict. Her works helped to unpack the extent of human rights violation that civilian suffered during conflict and led the foundation for the international scrutiny on human rights situation in Nepal.She is also the founder of Nepal's leading human rights organisation, Advocacy Forum.

After the conflict, she was instrumental in empowering victims groups, advocating for comprehensive transitional justice mechanism in the country and challenging impunity by initiating FIRs in number of districts. She represents number of victims of human rights violations from Nepal before the UN Human Rights Committee and the victims who have brought cases under universal jurisdiction, including the one in the UK.

Currently, she is pursuing PhD in University of Essex researching on transitional justice issues. 

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