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Billionaires For Wealthcare
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Marco Ceglie (aka Monet Oliver d’Place), is a writer, producer, and an expert in using humor and creative tactics to promote progressive policies.  First as a Billionaires For Bush (and now Wealthcare), Marco led the group’s 2004 “Get on the Limo” tours, auctioned off Social Security on eBay in 2005, created the first-ever ironic think tank to help fight against Estate Tax repeal, and delivered 37,000 copies of the U.S. Constitution to the Bush White House via Santa and sleigh.  More recently in the fight to Healthcare Reform in the U.S., he co-produced "Public Option Annie", the guerilla musical interruption at 2009's AHIP conference, and the M9 follow up.  Unknown on Twitter as @mkoshark


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