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Job Title: 
Executive Director
Derechos Human Rights

Margarita Lacabe is the Executive Director of Derechos Human Rights, an
ngo working for the promotion and respect to human rights and
humanitarian law all over the world. As such, she directs a leading
human rights website, edits Koaga Rone'eta, an online human rights
journal, and provides assistance to local NGOs and victims of human
rights violations. She also collaborates with the criminal procedures
against Argentine and Chilean military in Spain and Argentina. She
coordinates Project Disappeared, an online memorial and information
center on the victims of forced disappearances around the world. Other
areas of interest include international justice and the global state of
exception. Margarita's early experience includes coordinating a local group of Amnesty Internationa and working with APRODEH and the Coordinadora Nacional de
Derechos Humanos in Perú . Recently, she served as an advisor to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

Margarita was born in La Plata, Argentina, and currently resides in
California. She is a graduate of the University of California at
Berkeley and the University of California, Hastings
College of Law, and also attended the American University in Cairo and UCLA.