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I have been working  in the Business and Human Rights field for the past 10 years most recently (2009 to 2017) as Executive Director of the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights (GBI) – the global community of business practitioners in the Business and Human Rights field. Over the year's the GBI community came to comprise some of the world’s major multi-national corporations including ABB; BASF; Coca-Cola; GE; HP Enterprise; Syngenta, Sime Darby, Total and Vale. GBI now convenes a peer learning program focused on comanies implementing respect for human rigths in their own operations. GBI has also established itself as a front runner in building business capacity in emerging and developing markets and in informing the international policy agenda. I have privileged to learn and be challenges by the practices, trends and realities of what  implementation of corporate human rights work looks like in practice. When I had moments of extra time, I have written articles, undertaken field visits, conducted assessments and led workshops about human rights and business in a range of countries across Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. 

Until late last year I was based in the United States (Virginia and then Washington State). I am now based in the UK.

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